EKOGREEN (EG) business offering includes market development solutions for distribution network development in different areas including technologies and products for the environment and energy saving solutions in markets such as South East Europe, Middle East and the US. EG has also experience in joined development of “energy saving” / new technology products with selected manufacturers and their launch and commercialisation management. EG has a track record in establishing business relationship with a number of manufacturers and authorised distributors worldwide such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Epson, Samsung, Philips. EG has also experience in logistics services.

One of the ongoing EKOGREEN project is testing and promoting Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool growing media in different applications among potential partners in the Mid East and US markets.


One of the ongoing EKOGREEN project is testing and promoting Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool growing media in different applications among potential partners in the Mid East and US markets.


Modri mojster is a team of experienced experts who have been working and advising in the field of Bosch tools for more than a decade. Shop online, but never at the expense of the great experience you’re used to from your favorite local retailer.



The professional blue power tools from Bosch for trade and industry meet the highest standards in speed, precision and robustness to provide great work results.

Production tools

EKOGREEN d.o.o. is Bosch specialist dealer for production tools in Slovenia

High-frequency tools:

The brushless three-phase motor technology is vastly superior to other tools for grinding. These tools excel due to their extremely long life and inexpensive power application.

EXACT production screwdrivers:

The production screwdrivers offer much more than just a robust housing. High accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed, even after 1 million screws.

Air tools:

Their main advantage is their small, lightweight design. This makes these tools very handy. The robust design allows for very hard industrial use. They excel due to their handiness and innovative details.

Power tools for trade

Bosch develops innovative, high-quality power tools with which you are guaranteed to achieve professional results in all trades. Tools are reliable, powerful and robust, meeting the highest demands and making work easier for you. Intelligent lithium-ion tools enable you to work independently of cables – maximum freedom of movement with maximum power.


Whatever you plan to do – you can rely on original accessories from Bosch. You are guaranteed to find the appropriate accessory for your tools.



DIY is twice the fun with the right power tool. And with Bosch you not only have more possibilities, you also work much more precisely, flexibly, safely and with more power. Our tools will impress you with their quality, first-class handling and state-of-the-art technology. You can build whatever you want with Bosch.



Bring your garden to life with Bosch garden tools. With Bosch garden tools, you are always at the forefront of technology. You will find that garden tools from Bosch are more comfortable to hold, use and manoeuvre than ever before – enabling you to complete the work in your house and garden with greater ease.



Versatile system tools. With a Dremel Tool, you can do many things without restriction.



Skil is a concept of simplicity, innovation and quality. These principles are the basis for the extraordinary tool that differs from others in design, technology and ease of use.


Distribution of consumer electronics is our second branch of wholesale division. We are present in Slovenia as well on major EU markets. We specialise in A-brands like Samsung, Sony, Philips,… with our main focus on audio-video segment like televisions, home theater systems and projectors.

One of our advantages are steady and reliable connections with a number of distributors. We strive to satisfy the least of your needs with exact and fast response. We work only with the best forwarding agencies that provide services on a higher level so that all parties can benefit from the cooperation.

Where are we?

Ulica gledališča BTC 10
BTC City, hala 7
1000 Ljubljana
VAT No.: SI36658936
Company No.: 3828271000
Telephone: +386 (0) 59 943 605
Email: info@ekogreen.si

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